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Engineering Entrance Exams (IIT - AIEEE - DCE)

How to prepare for IIT JEE / AIEEE


A: Choosing the Right Material

  1. Choose the proper and concept based books. The list of the books should not be endless.
  2. In brief the number of books should comprise of conceptual books, previous year question papers, Question bank based books, and at least 1 question bank based book with unsolved questions.
  3. You should also enroll to one correspondence course or classroom course which also offers complete study material.
  4. Go through the study material and the books properly and completely.


B: How to study

  1. Do not leave tough topics for the last.
  2. Do not believe in the concept “Let me strengthen my strong point, so that I can compensate my weak point”. In such types of examinations, there is so much intense competition that you do not have any option.
  3. The concept should be “I should know everything and I should have few topics as my strongest point”.
  4. If you are weak in Mechanics, you can not do well in Physics. So never skip the mechanics.
  5. If you are weak in Math’s, you will not be able to understand and solve the physics problems easily. Math’s is the language of physics.
  6. Chemistry is the easiest part and normally student does not give much attention to it. You have to score very good marks in chemistry.
  7. Inorganic Chemistry should not be left for last. You should have complete Inorganic chemistry 4-5 months before the exams, followed by regular revision.
  8. In Organic Chemistry, you should understand the General Inorganic Chemistry first, as that is the most conceptual part and also most of the questions are asked from this section.
  9. In Math’s, try to focus on Algebra and Calculus and easy topics like coordinate and trigonometry should be well mastered.
  10. Normally in exams, math decides that you will be selected or not, while physics and chemistry decide your rank.


C: Your Schedule

  1. Study daily for at least 4 hours.
  2. Complete your assignment in time.
  3. Try to have balance between your school study and competitive exams, rather than giving complete preference to one and neglecting the other.
  4. Plan you schedule such that your course should get completed 3 – 4 months before the exams and before exams you should have 2 complete revision and good test practice.
  5. Hard work pays a lot. However intelligent you are, you have to do the hard work.
  6. Do not waste your precious time in regular chatting or in such activities. Playing games will keep you fit and you will enjoy the studies.
  7. Have proper meal.


How Aryan Classes can help you?

  1. Correspondence: You can enroll for our study material, which is well refined and developed by the IIT’ians
  2. All our faculty is committed, experienced and are from the premiere institutes of India.
  3. Classroom: Our classes are arranged to complete course, sufficiently before the exams, followed by proper revisions and regular tests. For more, refer to the brochure of the Aryan Classes
  4. We are committed to give you the best.


Wishing you all the best.

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