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Photograph Requirements

  1. i. The photograph must be in color and must be taken in a professional studio. Photographs taken using a Mobile phone and other self-composed portraits are NOT acceptable.
  2. ii. Photograph must be taken in a Whiteor a very light background.
  3. iii. The photograph must have been taken after July 01, 2015.
  4. iv. In the photograph, the face should occupy about 50% of the area, and with a full-face view looking into the camera directly.
  5. v. The main features of the face must not be coveredby hair of the head, any cloth or any shadow. Forehead, eyes, nose and chin should be clearly visible.
  6. vi. If you normally wear spectacles, glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses for the photo shoot.
  7. vii. You must not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses, only clear glasses are permitted.
  8. viii. Ask your photo studio to provide the image in a JPEG formatand also on a standard 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm print.
  9. ix. Maximum pixel resolution for JPEG: 480 x 640 (0.3 Mega pixel)(Ask your studio to reduce it to this resolution if it is higher)
  10. x. Minimum pixel resolution for JPEG: 240 x 320.
  11. xi. For your own benefit, it may be prudent not to intentionally change your facial features or hair style as in the photograph until the day of the exam.


Uploading a photograph that does not meet specifications can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.

Signature Requirements

  1. i. Please draw a rectangular box of size 7 cm × 2 cm (width x height) on an A4 white paper. Put your signature with black or dark blue inkwithin this box.
  2. ii. Get the signature digitally image scanned by a professional using a scanner, and get the image cropped to the box by the professional.
  3. iii. Only JPEG imageformats will be accepted.
  4. iv. The maximum pixel resolution for the image is 560 × 160.
  5. v. The minimum pixel resolution for the image is 280 × 80.
  6. vi. Photograph of signature taken using mobile phone is NOT acceptable , and can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.


Uploading a signature file that does not meet specifications can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.




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