National standard examination in Junior Science

This exam is conducted by IAPT i.e Indian Association of Physics Teacher.

What is NSEJS ? If you want to appear in i,e, International Junior Science Olympiad from India, then NSEJS is the first stage. Second stage is INJSO i.e. Indian National Junior Science Olympiad. There are lot of private institutes in India, who are conducting exams with almost same or similar type. That is not the exam, for the International Junior Science Olympiad.

Criteria: It has age criteria and based on that student from 8th to 10th class can appear in exam. Most of the students appear in the exam in 9th class.

Subjects: PCMB, syllabus till 10th class. Level higher than typical NCERT.

Is there any State quota??: From all over India, around 300 students are selected for INJSO.  3 – 4 years before it was observed that most of the students were from South Indian states, and that too primarily Andhra Pradesh. After that they introduced state quota. Fixing quota doesn’t matches with theme of an Olympiad. Later on a new criteria was introduced that topper from every state will be allowed to appear and also a list will be prepared on basis of MI (merit index), cutoff to be considered for merit list was to score above MI i.e. atleast 80% of the average score of the 10 toppers of NSEJS.

Andhra and southern states still perform far better than Northern states as their state syllabus is well advanced.

Our correspondence course:

Course 1: Study Material and Test Series (14 papers) – Fees Rs 8500 . Material will be shared online and will also be dispatched by post.

Course 2: Test Series – Rs 1000 (online sharing of 12 papers). If you also want printed copy by post, add Rs 1000.

How to Enroll : Pay the fee online and send details at our emailid onlineexamnetin@gmail.com

Tutor: Student will need support of senior/tutor.

Payment: One time payment

Concession: No concession in your case

How to enrol: Pay the fee online to our hdfc bank account and send us the student details  by email. We will accordingly confirm and will proceed.

Query handling: You can write an email, and we will respond accordingly.

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